How I Study General Conference Talks + April 2019 General Conference Bookmark download

Latter-Day Saint General Conference study tracker.
Free printable bookmark for studying General Conference talks.

Hello, friends!

I have been enjoying my wide-margin New Testament so much this year, that I decided to study in a wide-margin version of the Conference addresses from the last (so completely wonderful, as they always are) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Conference.

I printed this wide-margin version for this most recent conference.  Here is another beautiful option, as well.  I sent mine to a local printer, and had them spiral bind it, add my cover on cardstock and a nice plastic protective cover (clear on the front, black on the back).

I created a cover that reminds me of springtime and the beautiful words of the prophets that I am so excited to study in-depth.  You can print a copy below!

I also created a bookmark to keep track of all of the Conference talks.  It has all of the talks listed on one side and the other side has one little flower for each talk, so you can color in a flower after each talk that you study.

How to make the General Conference bookmark:

Print the page below on cardstock (it looks great in color or in black and white)
Each page contains two double sided bookmarks, or you could cut them all out individually and have four single side bookmarks.
I chose to do the double-sided version.  So I cut out the bookmark as shown below.  Then I folded it on the vertical line and glued it together with a glue stick.  Easy!
Now I’ll keep it with my wide-margin journal so I can track the talks I’ve studied.


I try to study one talk per week. Some weeks I study two shorter talks instead, this is not rigid at all.  I add it into my morning study time, after I study the Come Follow Me lesson for a while, I switch over and study a bit of the Conference talk.

 I generally read a section of the talk each day, unless I have extra time (which is rare).  By the end of the week, in just a few minutes each day, I will have studied deeply the talk for that week.

I like to listen to the talks as well, at least once during the week. Bonus if I can fit it in while I’m preparing breakfast, and have it on the speaker so my kids hear it as well.

I use pens like these to mark passages that I love, to write notes in the margins, to map out the promises and counsel given and to help myself (I’m a very visual learner) to better understand the talks.

I like to mark a particular quote in a color and write my thoughts on that quote in the same color in the margin.  It helps me to see what section of the talk I’m referring to, especially if the margins are very full and I can’t write directly next to the quote to which I’m responding.

I study the footnote references, I add in scripture verses and doodles and art. I use these hand-lettered quotes in the margins, as tip-ins or on pages that have extra space. (You could also print them on sticker paper. Just make sure it works with the kind of printer you have)

It’s a simple method, but it works well for me.  I’d love to know about your system.

How do you go back and study general conference talks?



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