How To Embroider: Fly Stitch

How To Embroider: Fly Stitch

How to do embroidery Fly Stitch tutorial.
Fly Stitch is one of my very favorite stitches to embroider.
I use it all the time for branches and greenery in my floral designs.  Stick around til the end of the video so you can see some examples of how I used fly stitch in my hand embroidery designs.

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Hand Embroidery Tips:

Use two layers of fabric. I like to use a nice linen on top (I just love the gorgeous texture) and a less expensive muslin on the bottom.  Adding an extra layer of fabric helps your finished piece to look so much nicer and more neat and tidy. Plus it acts as a stabilizer and insures your pieces isn’t see-through when it’s complete.
DMC Thread is colorfast and comes in a huge array of colors
I like needles with a smaller eye because they are less likely to damage the fabric.
Happy Stitching!