How to finish a Cross-Stitched Bookmark

How to finish a Cross-Stitched Bookmark

How to finish a cross stitched bookmark

I enjoyed creating this Bookish Bookmark pattern (and the full kit is available here). There’s nothing better than stitching away while listening to an audiobook, if you ask me!

There are a million ways to finish cross stitch bookmarks, but this is my favorite! It’s quick and easy and allows you to play with felt which is another of my favorite crafty mediums. You probably have all of the supplies on hand already!


Cross stitch bookmark (either your own design or use mine here: pattern or kit)

Felt for backing (I prefer wool felt, but acrylic works too!)

Thread. I usually use one strand of DMC embroidery thread

Scissors, needle

video tutorial (below)

The process is pretty simple, and I walk you through it in the video below. I’d love to see your finished bookmarks! Tag me on Instagram so I can see what you’ve made!

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