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Watercolor Fun for Beginners : Watercolor Blob Monsters

Watercolor Fun for Beginners : Watercolor Blob Monsters

This summer I am sharing THIRTY videos all about learning how to use watercolor. Subscribe on YouTube here. They are perfect for all ages, and make a great family activity or something to keep kids busy for a few minutes so you can think your own uninterrupted thoughts for a bit 🙂 Find the whole series here.

First up: Watercolor Blob Monsters! This is such a fun project! Scroll down to the video below to get started.

  • Watercolor set (I recommend one per person. Prang watercolors are my very favorite for beginners. Make sure to get the NON-washable version, as the colors are so much more vibrant).
  • Brushes. The brushes that come with the Prang sets are pretty decent, but you could buy others if you want to have a variety of sizes.
  • Whatever pens, markers, colored pencils, etc. you already have laying around.