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Journal with Me: October 2020 Daily Journal Set-up

Journal with Me: October 2020 Daily Journal Set-up

I’m a long-time simple Bullet Journaler. You can see lots of different bullet journal posts here. I have found that it’s a fantastic way to keep track of my daily tasks, as well as future plans and goals. For years I’ve also kept a separate journal to record my thoughts and help me process feelings as well document the everyday moments of our lives.


For the past several months I have been combining my daily journal with my bullet journaling and I’ve been surprised by how much I LOVE it. I enjoy the simplified process of having everything all together in one book. I love that it shows a really accurate representation of my life right now. Lists of to-dos and family/home maintenance tasks alongside the daily highs and lows recorded in my journal.



Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid journal

Hand Carved Stamps (I use this Lino Cutting tool and Speedball Rubber)

Ink Pads

Ali Edwards October Kit

Feed Your Craft Apollo Numbers Stamp Set

Stickii Club

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      Heidi, I LOVE it, so much, and would love to see pictures up close of your menu plan, task list and cleaning plan, if it’s not too personal to share, but just love that it’s included on the few pages preceding the month. I’m trying to learn organizing and planning, since I’ve been married.
      Yes, I would definitely love to see how it looks with pages filled, for sure!! Authenticity being so important to you, I love too, the art of life recording the highs and lows, part of life’s beauty. This is all so up Milly’s alley!

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