Journal with Me: October 2020 Daily Journal Set-up

I’m a long-time simple Bullet Journaler. You can see lots of different bullet journal posts here. I have found that it’s a fantastic way to keep track of my daily tasks, as well as future plans and goals. For years I’ve also kept a separate journal to record my thoughts and help me process feelings as well document the everyday […]

Journal With Me: How I use Brochures in My Journal

We recently went on an awesome camping trip with some dear friends in beautiful southern Utah. Along the way, I collected brochures and other bits of ephemera. Once we got home I took a few moments to sit down, go through everything I had collected and create a journal page using those bits and pieces. This is one of my […]

My Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal Setup

How I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook as a bullet journal, commonplace book, gratitude journal, scripture journal and daily task list. Like many of you, I’ve got a lot on my plate. Home tasks, work tasks, homeschool, family stuff, community and church responsibilities, ideas and things I want to do. Places to go, people to see. You know how it is. […]

My Super Simple 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

Super simple bullet journal ideas.  You don’t have to make intricate bullet journal spreads! These functional and simple bullet journal ideas are easy to create even on your busiest days. I’m a busy homeschooling Mom to four kiddos.  I’m also a small business owner and blogger.  While I love to see the beautiful and intricate layouts people create in their […]

Free Printable Spring Flower Embellishments

We witnessed with delight the miracle of crocuses in bloom peeking through the snow earlier this week.  It feels like such a miracle to me every single year.  Elijah was so taken with them that he checks on them multiple times a day. I find all early spring flowers completely delightful. They’re just such a welcome change after our long, […]

Six Routines that are Keeping me Sane (mostly)

Life is busy right now.  We’ve got kids of all different ages, with all different levels of needs and interests.  We do limit their activities, but even with one sport and one musical instrument and one church group per child, we’ve still got a lot of places to be. Running a household is tough and I don’t see it getting […]

Five Things for Friday

1–Me: Go get ready to take the big kids to piano lessons. Two minutes later… Him: I’m all ready, Mama! Looking back through my photos from the week, most of them are of trouble Elijah has gotten into.  Getting himself a “little snack” (aka a giant bowl of mini chocolate chips), eating his morning smoothie with a paintbrush (where did […]

My Simple Bullet Journal

I have been using a very simple bullet journal for over a year now.  I love it!  While I admire the beautiful time-consuming spreads that are all over Instagram and Pinterest (seriously, go look.  There’s some amazing stuff out there!) I don’t spend a lot of time making elaborately detailed pages.  Here are the tried and true pages that I […]