Journal With Me: Our San Antonio Trip

Journal With Me: Our San Antonio Trip

Hey! Today I’ve got a fun, simple journal with me video for you!  Keep reading for the simple supply list and the video tutorial.  The video is embedded below, but if that’s not working click here to watch.


This is how I add ephemera and quotes from our travels into my journal.  I love to collect tickets and brochures from places we visit and add them to my journal.


 I don’t usually add photos we take into my journal, I save that for our yearly family scrapbook/yearbook.  For me this is separate than a scrapbook.


One thing I love to do is add funny things the kids say on the trip, or short experiences I want to remember.  While we’re traveling I keep a note on my phone that includes funny conversations, things we overheard or said, and things I want to remember.  Once we get home I add those phrases, along with the ephemera I collected into my journal.


I love being able to look back at these memories!



Pentel Fude Touch Pen

Leuchtturm Dotted Notebook

Glue Stick


Click to watch Journal with Me video