Knit The Sky Blanket

Knit The Sky Blanket


I fell in love with this sky scarf project by the amazing Lea Redmond when I first came across it years ago. The basic idea is that you knit a stripe on a scarf every day based on the weather. I even bought all the yarn and began to knit my own sky scarf.  After knitting a row a day for almost two months, I realized that I had cast on too few stitches. The scarf was going to be much skinnier than I wanted it to be.  I hadn’t kept track of the days consistently and so I didn’t feel like I could start over and fix the size. I just gave up on the project, but have wanted to do something similar ever since.

This year I decided to try a sky blanket instead.  And rather than knitting two strands together to give more color options (as Lea does in her sky scarf), I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  I chose the following colors:

Light Gray–Cloudy
Dark Gray– Rain
Light Blue–Blue sky with clouds
Dark Blue– Cloudless blue sky


Yarn in colors of choice.  I’m using Caron Simply Soft.
Size 8 circular needles, 36″

The pattern is simple:

Cast on 130 stitches for a lap size blanket.  Knit across twice in whatever color matches the weather for each day.  This makes one ridge per day (two rows = one ridge).

You can choose to cut off the ends each color change and weave them in or carry them along the edge of the blanket according to Lea Redmond’s directions for the Sky Scarf. I’ll be carrying mine along, because I have no desire whatsoever to weave in 365 ends.

I began the project on my birthday (January 13th) and will continue it through my next birthday…or possibly I’ll stop earlier if the blanket becomes ginormous.

I’m keeping track of the weather each day on my monthly tracker in my bullet journal.  I record the initials of the yarn color in the square for the date and cross off the square as I finish each row.  That will mean I can miss a few days and catch up all at once (on long car drives, or while binge watching with Jason, for example)

I am so excited to see how this project turns out!  I love the color combinations and it’s pretty exciting to me to see the pattern take shape.  What does the fact that I’m thrilled to see what surprise color is coming up next on my knitting project say about me? I’m going to have to ponder that for a while…
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