Tibetan Prayer Flags DIY Craft for Kids

For the past few weeks, at the request of my 11 year old daughter, we’ve been studying world religions in our homeschool.  While we were reading about Buddhism, we became smitten with Tibetan Prayer Flags. We’ve seen these before, of course, and thought they were beautiful.  But after learning more about the meaning of the flags we were drawn to them even more.  It is believed that the prayers written on the flags are carried by the wind to bless all people.  The flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. We found this thought so beautiful and wanted to make some of our own.


Paper Napkins (the “nicer kind” that won’t tear apart if soaked with water)
Powdered Watercolor (we used this set)
1-2″ Paintbrushes 
Yarn for stringing the flags on
Elmer’s Glue

Open up the napkin once, so it is shaped like a rectangle.  You’ll still have two layers of paper.

Paint the liquid watercolor on the napkin, thoroughly soaking the paper with color.  (This would probably still work with pans of watercolor, but it would most likely take longer to apply the color.)

Paint as many “flags” as you’d like.  We started out doing all solid colors and then Ethan decided to try to mix colors.  This creates a really beautiful effect, but is not really an authentic Tibetan Prayer Flag look. 🙂  I just let him go for it.

Once you’ve painted as many napkins as you’d like, let them dry completely. Ours needed to dry overnight.

Once they are dry, line the flags up in the order you’d like them on the yarn.   Then run a line of glue down the middle of the napkin, place the yarn on top and fold the napkin in half over the yarn.  Press down so the glue and both layers of napkin all stick together and repeat for all the flags.  Let dry and hang.  

We didn’t write prayers on ours, but you certainly could.  These are best used as an indoor decoration, since they’d quickly be ruined out in the elements.  But we feel like our banner looks lovely hanging over the windows in our dining room.
Enjoy your beautiful and meaningful prayer flags!