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Making Art in 2019

Making Art in 2019

2019 marks the beginning of my FIFTH year of making art every single day!  Over the years I have done different challenges: a year of lettering, a year of watercolor.  Most of the years have been more open: just a goal to draw or paint every day.  That’s what I’m doing again this year.

Ideally I spend 10-20 minutes each morning working on a piece in my sketchbook.  This month it’s been mostly watercolor.

These ideas feed directly into my embroidery patterns and kits, often intentionally but sometimes on accident because I just happen to like what I created and decide to make a pattern out of it.

I am also always happy to turn any of these pieces into a print.  So let me know if there’s anything that strikes your fancy!

I’ll share favorite pages from my sketchbook here throughout the year so you can see what I’ve been creating.  I share my completed pages every day on Instagram, so follow along there for a daily peek into my sketchbook.

Do you have creative goals this year?  What are you making/doing?