Stash Busting Knit Blanket (with NO ENDS to weave in!)

Stash Busting Knit Blanket (with NO ENDS to weave in!)

Simple, easy beginner knitting project.  A colorful afghan made from all your stash yarn.
This blanket is a fun, simple pattern to use up all your leftover yarn bits.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of yarn odd and ends hanging around. (Like, a lot)  They could be left over from different projects, or gifts from people who know you love to make yarny things.  My little stash is a combination of the two.

In the past I created a crochet blanket that quickly burned through all of my worsted weight yarn.  (check out that post, it’s one of the very most popular on the blog).  It felt great to use up so many colorful bits of yarn in that project.

The blanket I’ve got for you today is similar, but it’s designed around a lighter weight of yarn.  Most of the yarns I’ am using are sock weight.  This is a SUPER simple and completely mindless project, once you set up the magic ball.  And the best part is that there are NO ends to weave in.  Seriously.  NONE.


First gather all of your yarn scraps and leftovers.  They should be all a similar weight.  You don’t want thick yarn mixed with thin for this project.  For my blanket, I’m using all sock weight yarn.
I highly recommend using a set of circular needles for this project (and any blanket knitting project). Circular needles allow you to have more room for the stitches, making this large project much more manageable and they make it so your needles are never lost/separated.  This project will likely take a long time so it’s nice to know you’ll never have to worry about loosing a needle!

How to Knit a Blanket from Yarn Scraps:

You’re going to make a big Magic Ball now, from all of the skeins you’ve gathered.

Start with one color and wrap it into a ball.  If you are using whole skeins (or close to whole) you may want to use only part skeins and mix in other colors more often (that’s what I did). Or you could have larger blocks of color if you keep those larger skeins all together.

When you have enough of one color (or if you have small amounts of yarn and you come to the end)  take the end of the yarn you just wound and the new end of the next color.

Place them side by side.

Wrap Color 1 around Color 2.

Tie Color 1 into a knot, around Color 2, and pull it tight.

Then do the same thing again, only use Color 2 to go around Color 1.

Pull the knots tightly toward each other until the form a larger, very secure knot.

You can then cut off the ends and the knot will not come undone.

It will also be pretty much invisible as you stitch it into your blanket. Continue this process until you have a large ball.

I shared a video tutorial for how to do this process in my Instagram stories.  Find it in the saved Highlight called Easy Knitting.

This was a very mindless and enjoyable task for me.  I really enjoyed creating my magic ball.  I soon discovered that the ball was huge, so I decided to stop and create another ball to work from in the future.

The nice thing about this project is you can change things up. You can continue to collect yarn and add to this blanket at a later date.

It’s very forgiving and VERY easy.

Remember that the colors will work up opposite of how you are winding them.  So if you want the blanket to start with one color, you need to wind it onto the magic ball LAST, and the next color you want would be second to last, etc.

I chose to be completely random about the order of my colors and didn’t make any sort of a plan at all.

When your magic ball is ready to go, it’s time to cast on for your blanket!

Easy Stash Busting Knit Blanket Pattern:

Cast on 210 stitches for a throw size blanket. You could do more or less if you want a larger or smaller blanket.

Knit every stitch.  From now until forever. 🙂

Continue until your blanket is the size you want it to be.  Bind off. There are NO ends to weave in.  You can just start using your blanket ASAP! Easy.

I’d love to see how you put this pattern to use! Share a photo and tag me on Instagram.

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