New Testament Bible Journal Templates

Gorgeous bible journal template cards; use these cards to add art to your scriptures.  They are perfect for beginning bible journalers as well as those who are more experienced.
Based on the lessons in the 2019 Come Follow Me curriculum.

Our family is simply loving the new Come Follow Me curriculum.  We’ve been studying together each evening around the dinner table.  It helps so much for us to anchor new habits like this to something else that already occurs regularly in our home.  (just like our read aloud time is anchored to breakfast)  

Each evening we gather for dinner and spend time reading from the manual, from the scriptures and sharing personal insights and stories from our lives.  It has definitely made our family scripture time much more meaningful than other ways we’ve studies in the past.  And really, in the past it was more just read from the scriptures for a few minutes so we could check it off the list.  I love that this new method inspires so much more discussion!

I am a firm believe that this study doesn’t have to be full of fancy printables and in-depth lessons.  Don’t over-complicate the system.  My amazing friend Montserrat at Cranial Hiccups has put together a list of free resources (talks, coloring pages, etc.) for each lesson.  She has gathered links from to supplement each lesson. It’s a wealth of information and I’ve been using that heavily for my personal study in the morning as well as for lessons with our family. 
In addition to reading the lessons, I enjoy journaling in my New Testament.  I used this FREE pdf and had it printed and spiral bound at a local copy shop.  I am loving all the extra space for journaling, recording quotes and additional information I’ve learned about the topic.
I also doodle and add lettering in the margins.  Because I’ve heard so many people say they would like to do that king of thing, but they struggle with the artistic side of it, I’ve created a set of 16 journal cards for you.  These cards go along with the January lessons of Come Follow Me.  (Some lessons have more cards than others).

How to Use Free Scripture Journal Cards:

You can use these in any number of ways:
  • Cut them out and have the kids color them and hang them around your house.
  • Color them yourself as a beautiful addition to your scriptures or scripture journal
  • Use them as a way to memorize short scriptures like we have done here.
  • Print them on clear sticker paper and place them in your journal/scriptures (I’m planning to try this out next time!)
  • Trace (using a lightbox) into your journal/scriptures (these are my favorite pens, but they may bleed through super thin pages)
  • Tape or add as a tip-in into your journal/scriptures (I like to add washi tape only at the top, so I can still flip up the card and read anything below it on the page.)
  • They also look beautiful in plain black and white