Today at 3:00 we’ll be picking up a new addition to our little family. Cutie’s little brother was born Tuesday morning, and will be coming to stay with us. Here are some answers to the questions I’m sure you are thinking:

How far apart are Cutie and the new baby? 13 monthsHow big is new baby? 6 lbs 9 oz (I think)Are you prepared? Umm…we have clothes and a bed and diapers (and lots of LOVE). We are as prepared as we can be for a surprise newborn. We are excited and nervous. Mostly I just can’t wait to hold a little tiny guy and keep him all to myself. Kristi always makes me give hers back.Are you crazy? Quite possibly.

I’ll post pictures of the little guy as soon as I can. No promises as to how quickly that will be. I may be in need of suggestions for what to call him on the blog. Be thinking.

Here is some random cuteness from the past couple of days.

You know the food is good when he’s got it up to his eyebrows.

Playing in the snow.

Poor Cutie had to just watch from the back door while Ellie played.

4 thoughts on “Oh, BABY!

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      baby blog name ideas: cutie pie, sweet pea, munchkin, booger (j/k), rugrat, baby, babykins, I know that I have more in my head, I just can’t access them right now. I will update you when I can.

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      Yeah I can’t wait to meet him.

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      yay! congrats that is so exciting. Let us know when you are settled and comfortable for visitors. For names you can do handsome, buddy, little guy … I don’t know. Ilike Staci’s ideas.

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      Congrats to you guys. I hope everything works out, I know those boys are in good hands. Heidi, I saw you at Macey’s the other day I I think you thought I was weird, because at first I was staring because I wasn’t sure it was you, and then I thought about stopping and talking, but then I figured your kids were crying and I needed to hurry so I just said hi.

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