“Peace I Leave with You” Free Print

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”
John 14:27

This is one of the most beautiful verses in all of scripture.  What a meaningful promise in these troubled times! It’s easy to be afraid, to be troubled by the hate and darkness in the world.  To look for only what is going wrong.  This verse serves as a reminder of where true peace comes from: the Prince of Peace.

As we seek for His guidance and to have the spirit with us, He has promised to send peace to us.  I’ll admit, I’m still working on turning my life over to Him.  I am a planner and a person who likes to get stuff done.  I am usually successful at making things turn out the way I think they should.  However, the real test my faith involves less struggling to make stuff happen and more letting my life unfold according to His will.  Less controlling and more accepting.  Less fear and more peace.
In my beautifully full-to-overflowing days right now, seeking Him looks like quiet morning moments alone with my scriptures and a study guide.  A few moments reading and praying, a few moments journaling about the miracles, large and small, that I’ve witnessed lately.
I find such power in His words, and created this print of one of my favorite scriptures as a reminder of His presence.  His promise of peace.

“Peace I Leave with You” Print:

Download this hand-lettered quote in a variety of sizes:
I’m going to hang the large one up in our kitchen (where our daily homeschool, meals, chores, etc. have us spending so much time) and add the smaller version to my scriptures and/or scripture journal.  
How will you use your prints?

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