Thirteen Articles of Faith Copywork

Thirteen Articles of Faith Copywork

Articles of Faith Copywork printable for Latter-Day Saint homeschooling families, or anyone interested in memorizing the Thirteen Articles of Faith.

Among the most important words for Latter-Day Saint children to memorize and understand are the Articles of Faith.  Simple and clear, these 13 points of doctrine explain the foundations of our faith.  They are important to know and understand so we can speak clearly about them when others want to know more about what we believe.

Not only does copywork help improve penmanship and spelling, it also allows children the opportunity to slow down and focus on beautiful, inspiring words. I created these copywork pages to help my children, and yours, memorize these words and internalize them.

This free download includes all 13 Articles of Faith, in three different styles: one for comfortable writers, one with guides and one set for beginning writers to trace. (For a total of 39 pages.)

How to use the Articles of Faith Copy Pages:

Print out and add to a three ring binder or a folder.

Assign your child to work on copywork for a certain amount of time each day (generally 5-7 minutes is plenty).

They can copy the same phrase repeatedly, or move on to the next page if they finish before their time is up.

There is (usually) plenty of room on the copywork pages for your child to copy the phrases multiple times on one page.


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