Ruth and Naomi Paper Play Set

Ruth and Naomi Paper Play Set

Ruth and Naomi paper doll set.  Use this paper play set to tell the story of Ruth and Naomi in Family Home Evening, family scripture study or children’s classes.

We don’t often hear about women in the scriptures, and especially in the Old Testament.  Perhaps that’s why having an entire book of the Old Testament  (albeit a short book) dedicated to the story of Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, is so profound to me.

The love these women share, even after the deep heartache they must have faced when their husbands died, is a beautiful example to the relationships we can develop in our own families.  Ruth stayed by Naomi’s side though she was not obligated to do so.  What an example of service and faith!  In the long run, after heartache and hardship, poverty and famine, both women are blessed.  The story ends happily.

This beautiful bible story can be a great jumping-off point for discussing faith and dedication as well as the sacrifices we make for friends and family members.

How to Use Ruth and Naomi Paper Play Set:

Read the story of Ruth and Naomi in Ruth chapters 1-4 and use these paper dolls to help hold your little one’s attention.

Supplies to make paper dolls:

Print play set (Download below)
Laminator, if desired
Popsicle sticks, if desired
Velcro or pieces of flannel, if desired



How to make paper doll play set:

Print out the paper dolls and background.
Cut out the figures.
Laminate, if desired. This step is optional, but will help the play set last longer.
You could attach the popsicle sticks as a handle onto the puppets, but we like them better without.
You could also use velcro or a piece of flannel glued to the back of the puppets to use them on a flannel board, if desired.

Additional Resources for teaching the story of Ruth and Naomi:

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