Sabbath Day Sketchnotes

I have been hard at work lately on a new set of Scripture Sketchnotes for you! They coincide with the outline for the Fourth Sunday Relief Society and Priesthood lessons.    The topic for these lessons for the next six months is The Sabbath Day. The idea of studying one topic for six months is right up my alley.  I’m a slow processor, and tend to dwell on one topic for a while.

I created notes that you can either copy directly into your journal or cut out and use as a tip in. You can see how I use them in my scriptures below.  I like to use a lightbox to trace them right into my scriptures, (using colored pencils) and I also often print these on cardstock and use them as a tip-in as well.

Here are some examples of both of these options:

I traced this simple picture of Christ directly into my scriptures using a lightbox (mine is homemade by my incredible husband, but this one would work really well).  Yes, it’s a little awkward to hold a huge book in place as you trace the picture. But I really love how it looks when it’s all finished so I feel like the difficulty is worth it.  I tape the paper I’m tracing directly to the lightbox so it’s less likely to slip and cause me aggravation as I’m tracing.

I use these Ergosoft colored pencils in my real, thin-paged scriptures. I have done lots of watercolors in my heavier duty copy-paper scriptures but haven’t’ liked how the watercolor acts in my “real” scriptures.  Colored pencils work well, they blend nicely, don’t bleed and I can still read through them.  When I trace the pictures and the lettering, I go over it first with a black colored pencil and then color it in. After I’m done with initial tracing, I no longer need the lightbox.

For tip ins, I like to print on white cardstock because it’s more sturdy and I can add journaling on the back without it bleeding through.  Sometimes I color the tip-ins and sometimes I don’t. I use washi tape to adhere the cardstock to the outer edge of the page.

I’ve also included a watercolor print and/or tip in. You can print it whatever size you’d like: a 4×6 to fit into your scriptures, or larger to hang up on your wall.

I hope you find these useful! Please tag me on Instagram to show me how you’re using them.