Scrap Stash Busting Knit Blanket

Scrap Stash Busting Knit Blanket

Hey there! If you’ve been around here a bit, you know my love of making use of all the extra art and craft supplies we tend to accumulate as Makers. I’m always looking for a stash-busting project (like this blanket or this one).

Today I’m back with another stash-busting blanket and it’s a really, really great one! It involves NO sewing squares together, you just pick up for the next square as you go. It’s fun and addictive and just mindless enough that it’s perfect to take on the go.

I’ve got a whole video tutorial for you on YOUTUBE (and it’s embedded below) to make learning this process even easier. But first let’s talk about supplies.


You’ll need a large selection of yarn that is as close to the same weight and type as possible. In the example video below, I’m using sock weight wool yarn.

Knitting needles appropriate for the size of your yarn (I’m using this set of circular needles)

Stitch Markers. You really only need one, but I feel like these get lost so often, you might as well buy the whole pack!

How to Knit a Blanket from Scrap Yarn:

These mitered square blankets are so simple and fun to make! Check out the Youtube Video above for a detailed, easy to understand explanation of how to knit a blanket from leftover yarn. And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

All the yarn I used for this project is leftover from other projects, mostly socks. But I love making hats and other projects out of sock-weight yarn as well, so you never know where these balls of yarn came from.

One of my favorite things about this project is that it’s very, very portable. I keep mine in this beautiful project bag. Normally it lives on the bottom shelf of the cart we use for our daily homeschool supplies and I pull it out to add a few stitches to during our daily homeschool sessions. (Having a project on hand to keep my hands busy helps me be more patient with the inevitable delays in our learning time)

But I also tend to grab this project for movie nights, car trips or just hanging around the house on a rainy day. The bigger it gets the more motivated I am to continue adding to it.

Here’s how the blanket looked as of April 2024. I’m looking forward to adding more and more to this as we travel this summer. I try to weave in the ends every so often so I won’t have a ton of work to do when the blanket is finished and looking at these photos it seems like it’s about time for a weaving-in session. I’m noticing that I can see a lot of ends!

Thanks for joining me today! I’d love to see your blankets in progress, or after you finish knitting a blanket from scrap yarn. Be sure to tag me on Instagram!