We need your prayers

Friends and Family,

We have recently been faced with a very tough choice. It is possible that our little Cutie could become ours forever. We have fallen head-over-heels in love with this kid, so given the choice we’d gladly adopt him. Here comes the tough part: his situation is a mess. Obviously I can’t go into any details, but we could be facing a long and emotional roller coaster. He may need to leave us for a while and come back, or he may leave for good, or he may be with us forever. Not only that, but he has a younger sibling on the way (due in November). Because Cutie has been taken from that home, this newborn baby will also be taken. And because we have Cutie, the baby will most likely come to us as well. So not only are we faced with an emotional mess and lots of waiting and wondering about Cutie, we also may have TWO cuties 13 months apart. (I told you it’s a mess!)

We need the love and support and prayers of our family and friends!

We will let you know more when we do, but as for now it’s a waiting and praying game.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of our cuties:

Call me slow, but I just figured out why my back has been so sore for the past few days. It’s from carting this “little” monster around all day…nearly 25 lbs of cuteness!

Ellie discovered my swimming gear today:


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