What I’m Reading: November 2014

Everyone is Beautiful
I loved that this book was a novel and shared ideas for self care and improving relationships.  It’s a sweet love story and a finding -yourself-again-after-children story.

Shadows of the Workhouse
The second book in the Call the Midwife series.  This work of non-fiction is extremely well written.  It’s engrossing, horrifying and uplifting all at once.  Can’t wait to get my hands on the third book.

Jason and I listened to this book together while we drove on a few recent trips.  The premise was fascinating.  The author sets the goal of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail as a way to help her work through her mother’s death and her divorce.  There were so many things in the book that drove us nuts, though. For example: the author’s inexperience (carrying a pack more than double the weight she should have, shoes that were too small, etc.), her promiscuity, and some general weirdness (which I won’t go into).  In the end we enjoyed reading about her journey, but I don’t really feel like I can recommend the book.

And Then There Were None
My first Agatha Christie book.  (I know!)  This was excellently creepy, but not too creepy for my sensitive soul.  I’m looking forward to reading more from Christie’s extensive writings.

All She Ever Wanted
I was surprised by how much I liked this book.  Generally I have a low tolerance for books in the Christian Fiction section.  They are often cheesy and just not my style.  This book is well written, contains developed characters and an excellent moral.  Definitely one of my favorites for the month.

Northanger Abbey
This is hard for me to stay, after being Pride and Prejudice devotee for years, but this may be my new favorite Austen book. I found myself laughing aloud at some of the social commentary.  And some of the scrapes Catherine finds herself in (due to her overactive imagination) could have come directly from my life.  Loved it.

We Were Liars
This YA novel took a little while for me to get into, but then I was hooked. I don’t want to give away any details, but I will say that I cried uncontrollably at the end.  I still find myself thinking about the ending, which I think means it was a good book.

This fascinating non-fiction work tells the story of the awakening of dozens of patients who had been locked in a trans-like state for many, many years.  The awakening was due to an experimental drug, which only worked short-term before harmful side effects came in and took away the patients’ lives once again.  The book is a tad on the dry side and is filled with medical terminology and I found that after about halfway through I lost interest in continuing.  Still, the stories are incredible.

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