How I’m Studying the General Conference Talks {aka My Sister is a Genius}

I really wish I could take all the credit for this idea, but it really belongs to my sister.  We were chatting one day about some design work I was in the middle of (she’s one of my main sounding boards for the millions of ideas I have floating around in my head) and she mentioned the LDS Conference Journal I released last month.  
She told me all about what she had done to streamline her Conference studying, and I promptly followed her stellar example (read: copied exactly what she did) and made my own.

She took her conference edition of the Ensign to her local copy/print shop and had it spiral bound, along with the Conference Journal for Busy Moms and the study schedule from our Come Listen to a Prophet’s voice Facebook Group (feel free to join!  We’ve got a great discussion going on over there!) 

I’m telling you, she’s a genius!  I have been LOVING this way of studying the inspirational talks from Conference.  I mark the sections I love right in my copy (blue= for me; yellow= for my family) and write notes around in the margins.  I also add insights to the journal pages at the end.  
The whole thing cost less than $5 and it has completely revolutionized my study time.  I highly recommend you jump on board!