It didn’t take long.

We are officially in love with our little Peanut. We love every bit of him. His sweet face, his tiny hands, and wrinkly little feet.I especially love his furry ears and shoulders. Who knew hair on your ears and shoulders could be so cute?

First Steps and Painting

Cutie took his first steps today! He took 2 steps on 3 different tries. Way to go, big guy! (By the way, it’s kind of hard to take a picture of a baby taking his first steps when you’re also trying to have him walk to you.) Another first for Cutie this week: painting. He was much more interested in […]


Today at 3:00 we’ll be picking up a new addition to our little family. Cutie’s little brother was born Tuesday morning, and will be coming to stay with us. Here are some answers to the questions I’m sure you are thinking: How far apart are Cutie and the new baby? 13 monthsHow big is new baby? 6 lbs 9 oz […]