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Book of Mormon Art Journal with Me: Title Page

Book of Mormon Art Journal with Me: Title Page

I know I’ve said this a million times in the past few weeks, but I am SO thrilled to be studying the Book of Mormon this year. My plan is to share at least one art journaling process video with you here each week.

I share a LOT more over on my Instagram account, so you should probably follow me over there if you’re interested in lots of scripture study tips, art + journaling videos.

This week we studied the introductory pages of the Book of Mormon and I was struck with one of the phrases on the Title Page. One of the purposes of the Book of Mormon is to “show…what great things the Lord hath done”. I wanted to highlight that phrase, so I lettered it in the margins of my Book of Mormon.


Kuretake Watercolors

Posca Paint Pens

Micron Pens

Journaling Edition of the Book of Mormon from Deseret Book


4 thoughts on “Book of Mormon Art Journal with Me: Title Page

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      Where did you purchase your art journal? Since it’s watercolor I’d want to make sure the paper is good enough quality to not soak through to the other side.
      Thanks SO MUCH!!! I can’t believe how excited I am to start tape transfering with my kids!! I homeschool too and I just love all your doing!!!

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      I purchased mine at Deseret Book. But Brad Jackman has a printable journaling set at his web site. I like the wide borders all around that he offers. I have mine wire bound at Staples for $5. The paper in the Deseret Book journaling edition is probably a 92 lb paper. Maybe heavier… I don’t think it is a multimedia paper, but is a nice weight to work on and not the fragile paper found in traditional scriptures.
      To keep the paint and some markers from soaking through the paper I treat my pages with clear gesso. I put it on with an old credit or library card…so you only need a thin coat on both sides of the paper. You also have to watch your pen nibs with gessoed paper. Tiny nibs like a .005 will quickly erode…so you need a sturdier or possibly a graphic pen.

      Alternately you could use colored pencil…then page prep is not needed.

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      I’m a newbie with watercolors and scripture journaling.. how do you apply the gesso? I’ve never heard of it and would like to see if you have a video about applying it?

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      Hi! You basically just paint a light layer of the gesso over the top of the page and let it dry. I doesn’t take long to dry at all.

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