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Come Follow Me: Book of Mormon Devotional Schedule

Come Follow Me: Book of Mormon Devotional Schedule

Daily devotional schedule for Come Follow Me Book of Mormon. See how we memorize scriptures and songs that correlate with the Come Follow Me lessons each week.


If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember a system we used a few years ago to memorize and review scripture verses. It worked really well for a time, but last year I realized that it was not working well for our current season of life and so I changed things up.

Now we do a much more simple version of scripture memorization and I LOVE it.

How to Memorize Scriptures with kids

Each week I choose a scripture, or a phrase from scripture based on the Come Follow Me lesson for that week and write it on the large chalkboard in our kitchen. I created a list for the year that includes one scripture verse and one song for every lesson. (Yes, I have the list all ready for you to download! Check it out below)

As part of our daily devotional (almost) every weekday morning, the kids and I sing the song for the week and recite the scripture (the same song and scripture all week long). They can also choose to recite the scripture at each meal. If they choose to recite they receive a tiny candy: one skittle, one chocolate chip, etc. I want their memories of reciting scripture verses to be sweet.

There is no forcing here; they can choose to recite or not. If they choose to recite, or even just to try, they get the little treat. If they choose not to, they don’t get the treat. They usually choose to try. I help them as needed and usually after just a day or two they have the verse memorized.


One key to success: choose shorter phrases to memorize. This is about planting the uplifting and inspiring Word in their hearts, not about them being able to memorize long passages. I love hunting for meaningful phrases in the scriptures and sharing them with my family.

In some cases on the schedule I created, I included longer verses because the words are so beautiful and I want to inspire my older kids to memorize the full verse. In those cases I marked in bold the sections of the verses I would use for my younger kids.

This document is nothing special. It’s not pretty, but it is super functional and self explanatory. I hope it’s useful for you as we study the Book of Mormon together this year.

We do this as part of our homeschool day, but it could very easily fit into any family’s schedule! It really takes just a few minutes per day. As this point we don’t do a ton of review, and I’m trying to think of a simple way to do that. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Download Come Follow Me Devotional Schedule

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