Our 2017-2018 Homeschool Plan

I love this time of year!  Even though not a ton changes for us at “back to school” season, I still look forward to fall and the return to routine.  This will be our 8th year of homeschooling (how is that possible?!) and I still feel like every year just keeps getting better.  I’m excited to share our homeschool plans […]

Quick Tips for Raising Happy Hikers

We are a hiking family.  We love camping and kayaking and just being outdoors together.  We’ve often said that our family is happiest when we’re outside.  Our kids bicker less and we parents are more in tune and patient.  We’ve been going on adventures with kids for over 12 years now, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. […]

Why We Homeschool Year-Round + Summer Homeschool Plans

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the ability to set our own schedule.  Our first year of official homeschooling, we stuck with a traditional school schedule.  I realized after that year that I would quickly burn out. So over the years, we’ve settled into a year round schedule. I found our school routine naturally settled into […]

Winter Term Morning Time Plans

Over the past couple of days we’ve been absolutely slammed by a huge snowstorm. The view above is what it currently looks like out our back door.  There are probably 14 inches of snow on our table out there, and we’ve got drifts multiple feet high around every walkway and on either side of the driveway. We’ve been snowed in […]

Our Medieval History Reading List

At long last, our list of history read alouds for the year is complete!  I spent the summer researching and carefully selecting the books we’ll read in Morning Time this year, using several book lists and other resources.  I checked to see if our little library had each book, and ordered the books that were not available there. Much of […]

2016-2017 Homeschool Plans

A new baby will be joining our family at any moment. In fact, for a few hours today I thought she might be on her way already.  But contractions have stopped for now, and I’m hoping she’ll hang on for one more week.  The next few days are pretty full, but after that we’re wide open and ready to be […]

Our Spring Morning Time Basket

Morning Time is the backbone of our homeschool day.  The kids and I gather around the breakfast table (I’ve usually eaten beforehand) and accomplish the majority of our formal schooling time first thing.  This way we are able to get to the important stuff that often tends to fall by the wayside when life gets busy.  The kids eat while […]

Tibetan Prayer Flags DIY Craft for Kids

For the past few weeks, at the request of my 11 year old daughter, we’ve been studying world religions in our homeschool.  While we were reading about Buddhism, we became smitten with Tibetan Prayer Flags. We’ve seen these before, of course, and thought they were beautiful.  But after learning more about the meaning of the flags we were drawn to them […]

5 Things We’re Loving in Our Homeschool

At this time of year I like to reevaluate how our homeschool routine and curriculum is working. As I’ve been thinking over the past few months of homeschool I’ve been struck by how well things are working for us. It just keeps getting better. After 6 years as a homeschool Mama, I am still learning and discovering what works best […]