Daniel and the Lions Den Paper Play Set

Daniel and the Lion’s Den Paper Dolls. This Daniel and the Lions Den paper play set is the perfect addition to family home evening, family scripture study and Primary lessons! One of my primary goals in life is to develop a deep testimony of the scriptures.  I set aside time each morning to read and ponder God’s word, and I’m […]

We Are The Clay & Thou Our Potter (free print + tipin)

“We are the clay and thou our Potter and we are all the work of thy hand.” Free watercolor print and tip-in for Isaiah 64:8. This hand-lettered print is perfect to hang in your home, to hand out at church or to use in your bible or scripture journal. I love this verse. As I look back through my life, […]

David and Goliath Paper Play Set

David and Goliath Old Testament paper dolls are such a fun addition to family scripture study and family home evening. They help little ones learn the scripture stories so well! I’m dropping in today with the next installment of our Old Testament stories paper play sets. If you saw the first paper play set I shared (Jonah and the Whale) […]

Old Testament Doctrinal Mastery Cards

As I have been studying the Old Testament this year, I’ve discovered many powerful verses of scripture.  That has lead to a project to letter 100 scripture verses and I’ve found that after I spend time painting a verse each morning, the powerful words linger in my head and heart all day. I’ve been wanting to share these verses with […]

Jonah and the Whale Paper Play Set (free Printable!)

A couple of weeks ago I overheard a conversation between my 4 year old son, Elijah, and a Primary teacher at church. She asked him what his favorite color was, “Red.” he replied decisively.   She asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he immediately responded, “A King and a Dad.” She then asked what his […]

LDS Conference Journal for Busy Moms

Journal to help you get the most out of LDS General Conference.  Record your inspiration, ideas and next action steps and come back to them in a quiet moment to study more in depth.  LDS General Conference is something that many, many people look forward to every six months. It’s definitely a highlight of the year for me.  It’s an opportunity […]

Studying the Old Testament

I have been finding such delight in my early morning scripture study this year.  I have not developed a love for the Old Testament like I have for other books of scripture, so I decided that this year my goal would simply be to learn to love the Old Testament.  I know that it testifies of Christ, just like the […]