Free Embroidery Pattern // Clouds

“Tut, Tut! It looks like rain!” The entire time I was stitching this pattern I had the raincloud song from Winnie The Pooh running through my head.  “I’m just a little black raincloud, hovering under the honey tree…”.   I apologize in advance if that happens to you as well. I used a variegated gray embroidery floss to stitch these clouds […]

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern// Thanksgiving Turkey

  I love Thanksgiving.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday, and not because of the food (though delicious food definitely helps increase my love).  I try to practice gratitude all year long, but the additional push toward thankfulness during Thanksgiving season makes it all the more meaningful.  It’s a simple holiday all about celebrating the bounteous blessings we have received. Our […]