Happy Birthday, Cutie!

Our Cutie turned 1 yesterday. We had a little celebration with cupcakes and presents. Once again, Cutie was not disappointed to have treats.
Ellie colored the background for these balloon cupcakes.

Things got a little too quiet this morning, so I went to find Cutie. He was in the living room, happily playing away with his new little cars. That boy loves anything he can push across the floor!
We’re grateful to have you with us, little Cutie!

By the way, Cutie was weighed yesterday and he’s actually lost weight while he’s been here. You wouldn’t know it to look at him. He doesn’t necessarily look as though he’s wasting away; and I’ve noticed no difference when I pick him up. But aparently he’s getting more svelt by the day. Just tell that to his thighs!

These pictures are from earlier this week. We drive past a huge area of wild sunflowers every time we leave our neighborhood. After enjoying them from afar for the past few weeks, we decided to stop and pick some to take home. Here is Ellie with the sunflowers:

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