Twitterature: June 2014

I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy today to share the books I’ve been reading lately.  Head on over to her post to find more recommendations.  I always leave with a list as long as my arm 🙂

Call the Midwife
Love, love, love!  I was so delighted to discover that one of my favorite TV shows is based on this memoir series.  I read the first book this month and absolutely loved it.  And the show is based so closely on the books that I recognized each story as they began.

The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
This was a re-read for a book club.  Oh, I so adore this story!  I love how relatable the characters are.  I love the developing love story, and especially how it develops.  My husband and I were best friends for a while before we realized we were in love.  Everyone else around us knew, but we were a little slow.   I had so much fun watching Juliet fall in love again.

Code Name Verity
I enjoy stories told from multiple perspectives and this WWII novel drew me right in.  The plot was engrossing, the characters were real.  An inspiring story of bravery and friendship.

And I just discovered it’s a series.

I read this sweet story aloud to my kids.  We happen to love adoption stories around here, and especially those told without any negative stereotypes.  No evil orphanage headmistress (or foster family); no nasty adoptive family; just a darling, slightly troublesome girl and a happy ending.

Clutterfree with Kids
I’ve always been pretty tidy but lately our garage and some other areas in our home have gotten a little out of control.  I didn’t feel like anything in this book was groundbreaking, but I was definitely inspired by it.  I got rid of two van-loads worth of unnecessary stuff, and reorganized our storage room this week.  I feel so much lighter!  I love getting rid of things!

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