Thirteen Articles of Faith Copywork

Articles of Faith Copywork printable for Latter-Day Saint homeschooling families, or anyone interested in memorizing the Thirteen Articles of Faith. Among the most important words for Latter-Day Saint children to memorize and understand are the Articles of Faith.  Simple and clear, these 13 points of doctrine explain the foundations of our faith.  They are important to know and understand so […]

Ruth and Naomi Paper Play Set

Ruth and Naomi paper doll set.  Use this paper play set to tell the story of Ruth and Naomi in Family Home Evening, family scripture study or children’s classes. We don’t often hear about women in the scriptures, and especially in the Old Testament.  Perhaps that’s why having an entire book of the Old Testament  (albeit a short book) dedicated […]

Why I Journal (and a Peek into my Art Journal)

Beautiful and quick art journal ideas. Journaling and creating art is a great way to relieve stress and preserve memories. Here are some of my favorite recent art journal pages. If you want to get started art journaling, check out my new gratitude journal! A couple of nights ago I stumbled upon a journal I had forgotten all about. I […]

Our 8th Grade, 4th Grade and Pre-school Homeschool Plans

Literature based plans for our spread-out homeschooling family.   We’ve got kids in 8th, 4th, Pre-K and a toddler this year.  It’s hard for me to believe this is my 9th year as a homeschooling mom.  I remember talking with my husband about homeschooling when Ellie (now almost 14) was supposed to be heading into Kindergarten.  The plan at that point […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately: August 2018

Guys. I finished 10 books this month, thanks to two camping trips and a weekend by myself (my husband saw just what I needed and insisted on taking the kids camping for 2 days so I could stay home by myself for the first time ever.  Yes, it was lovely).  What have you been reading lately? The Goose Girl by […]

Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal

Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal is here!  I’m so excited to share a peek into this project that is now available for purchase.  Grab yours here. I’ve always kept a journal; writing through my thoughts and emotions is such an effective way for me to process them. Over the years my journals have evolved, but the reason I spend […]

Thou God Seest Me

Free template for a bible journaling page.  Trace or copy this page into your scriptures or scripture journal as a reminder of Hagar’s story from the Old Testament. One of the most profound verses I’ve read in the Old Testament this year comes from the story of Hagar.  She was struggling after running away from what must have been a […]