Free Pumpkin Hand Embroidery Pattern

     I have a slight obsession with pumpkins.  I’m not quite sure what it is–the decorating versatility they provide? the delicious taste? the adorableness of a stack of pumpkins on my front porch and filling every available decorative bowl in my house?–but I just swoon over pumpkins.  Naturally I had to include some adorable mini-pumpkins in my 31 Days […]

Free Leaf Embroidery Pattern

    First up in my 31 Days of Embroidery patterns is this simple and beautiful leaf embroidery pattern.      I used split stitch to outline the leaf, backstitch for the veins and did one stem in stem stitch (very fitting!) and one stem with satin stitch.   I think this pattern would be just lovely in fall colors. […]

Stash-Busting Crochet Afghan

This simple and stunning crochet afghan uses only double crochet stitches throughout the main part of the blanket.  The color gradation comes from blending three colors of yarn together and adding new colors as your skein runs out. It’s the perfect project to use up leftover worsted weight yarn.   I’m not sure about you, but I often receive gifts […]

Seven Favorite Hat Patterns to Knit for Charity

Simple and beautiful hats to knit for charity.  A list of great, quick projects to donate to cancer patients, preemie babies and homeless shelters. I don’t spend as much time knitting as I used to, but it’s still the only thing I can do as a passenger in the car. Because I get extremely motion sick, I can’t read in […]

Chunky Crochet Blanket pattern

I normally prefer knitting to crocheting but when the time comes to make a bulky afghan, I firmly believe that crochet is the way to go.  This pattern is very simple and perfect for beginners. (Or, in my case, not-so-beginners who can only do very simple projects while riding in the car or they will get carsick.)  It works up […]

Handprint Quilt

Someone we dearly love has been through the wringer lately, enduring cancer treatments. He and his wife are facing a trial I can’t comprehend.  As someone watching from the outside, it’s difficult to know what to do to help.  We think of them often. We pray, we send positive thoughts their way.  We bring food in an attempt to lighten […]

Knit Together

During the weeks leading up to Elijah’s birth I was terrified the adoption would fall through, for good reason (and another and another).  I wanted to make something for the baby but was anxious to start, in case we lost him. I needed something easy, something that I wouldn’t have to think about or which could potentially add more frusration to my […]