Nephi’s Family Printable Paper Dolls

Nephi’s Family Printable Paper Dolls

Free printable paper play set and paper dolls for the Book of Mormon Stories in First and Second Nephi.


Hey there! Remember how last year I created a set of New Testament paper dolls for you? And the year before that I shared a bunch of Old Testament paper dolls? I am really excited to bring that series back to life this year for the Book of Mormon!

Today I’m sharing the first installment and I’ll be adding to this FREE Paper Dolls series every month! The printable paper dolls will go along with the Come Follow Me lessons and will be a great way to really involve your children as they learn the stories of the Book of Mormon.


This set of paper dolls includes pieces for all of the stories in 1st and 2nd Nephi:

  • Nephi
  • Sam
  • Laman and Lemuel
  • Sariah
  • Lehi
  • King Laban
  • Tree of Life story
  • a tent and supplies
  • a bow
  • the Liahona
  • a ship
  • the brass plates
  • and more!

How to use Book of Mormon Paper Dolls:

Print Book of Mormon paper dolls on cardstock.

Cut out the paper dolls and laminate them if desired (I own an older version of this laminator and LOVE it!)

Use the paper dolls when you tell your children the stories in First and Second Nephi. Let them act out the stories while you read aloud.

Take the paper dolls to church as a way to keep little hands busy during sacrament meeting.

Use them as a visual aid during primary lessons or singing time. (I can’t tell you how many times we’ve sung “Nephi’s Courage” since I created these!)

These would also make a great addition to your scripture journal! Print on matte sticker paper and add them to a your scriptures for a beautiful effect.

I’d love to see how you use these! Share a photo and tag me on Instagram!

click here to download the paper dolls


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