Building a Creative Habit

One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on creating.  I have millions of ideas for paintings, embroidery patterns, study guides, and countless other things floating around in my head.  Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the number of ideas my brain contains. So much so that I don’t follow through on any of them. It’s easy not to follow […]

What I Learned From Being a Foster Parent

After seven years of being a licensed foster family we are not renewing our foster care license this year. Fostering was something we kind of fell into.  It’s not something we worked toward for a long time or talked about extensively.  It felt absolutely right from the first moment we began to discuss it.  And, as Jason and I are […]

Our Most Effective Family To-Do List Tool

Want to know our secret for getting stuff done? It’s not an app or a complicated system, but I promise that if used intentionally this will make a huge difference in your life and will lower your stress level. You probably have this tool in your home already. You ready for the big reveal? A piece of cardstock and a […]

Quick Lit: January 2015

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast A short and sweet motivation to put first things first in our busy days.  I have put this into practice (most days) and wake up early to exercise, study and paint.  I love what a difference it makes in my attitude during the remainder of the day.  I can defintely feel a […]

On Rotten Floors and a Shower Re-do

The kids and I were gathered, in the middle of doing our low-key summer schooling routine when we heard the noise that strikes fear into the heart of any home owner: water dripping in a place that should be dry.  Water dripping through the light fixtures onto the carpet of our playroom/schoolroom. Because we are fearless fixer-uppers, I plopped a […]

2015 Goals

My goal-setting heart goes pitter-pat at this time of year.  I love this time to reflect on what went well the previous year and to plan for the year to come.  For 2015 I’m going to add in the practice of keeping One Little Word for the year. My one word is going to be FOCUS.  I tend to have […]