Peek Into My Art Journal: December 2015

I’ve been discovering what a stress relief it is for me to sit with my sketchbook for a few minutes each day and work on something that’s completely my own.  I don’t create these spreads with the thought that someday they could be prints in my shop or free printables for the blog.  They are simply a way to fuel […]

Art Journaling with Kids: Doodle on Photographs

I’ve had the pleasure over the past few months to host and art camp for kids in our home.  It was an amazing experience and combined two of the things I love most: art and kids.  We had a blast making different projects each week and learning all sorts of techniques, from watercolor (definitely the hardest to teach!) to acrylics […]

A Peek Into My Sketchbook: Costa Rica Travel Edition

On our recent Costa Rica trip, I took along a sketchbook (naturally) and because of that these pages are somewhat adventure-themed. I drew the “Oh darling, let’s be adventurer’s” page on our flight.  Every time I look at it, I remember the anticipation I was feeling as we set off to visit a new place. Oh, I adore traveling. I […]

Building a Creative Habit

One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on creating.  I have millions of ideas for paintings, embroidery patterns, study guides, and countless other things floating around in my head.  Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the number of ideas my brain contains. So much so that I don’t follow through on any of them. It’s easy not to follow […]