HEAR HIM Scripture Journaling

Documenting my study of President Nelson’s talk “Hear Him” from April 2020 General Conference in my scripture journal. I’m working in 3 Nephi 11, where Heavenly Father introduces Jesus Christ to the Nephites using words “Hear Him”. This talk is so powerful. My biggest takeaway were concrete examples of ways that I can better Hear Him in my own life. […]

2020 Primary Music Flipcharts

I have heard from so many of you over the years that my Primary Music Flipcharts are a huge help in teaching the children in your ward or branch the beautiful Primary songs. I am so happy to be able to help! Flipcharts are a fantastic tool to help kids learn song lyrics. And there are a lot of great […]

Scripture Journal

This super easy technique requires no artistic talent whatsoever, but it looks SO impressive! All you need is a fancy napkin and some clear gesso (mod podge would probably work, too, but it should be matte or the pages will stick together) and I know some people use matte medium as well. I used Kuretake Watercolors for the lettering. That’s […]

Come Follow Me: Book of Mormon Devotional Schedule

Daily devotional schedule for Come Follow Me Book of Mormon. See how we memorize scriptures and songs that correlate with the Come Follow Me lessons each week. If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember a system we used a few years ago to memorize and review scripture verses. It worked really well for a time, but […]

Three FREE Book of Mormon Reading Charts!

Hi there! I am so thrilled to dive into studying the Book of Mormon for Come Follow Me next year (next week!) For those who are wondering, yes! I am planning to release weekly Come Follow Me Sketchnotes again this year. Just remember that I’ll be doing it in one monthly post, rather than weekly posts. The post for January […]

October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!)

October 2019 General Conference Cards (in two sizes!) Oh, friends! They are finally ready!  I’m so, so happy to share these cards with you. I love creating cards like this after each General Conference.  I often hang them up around the house as a reminder of the beautiful and uplifting words we heard. You can find other general conference sketchnotes/ […]