Art Journaling

My Boys

Cutie loves to give kisses. Especially to his “rud-der” (that’s how he says brother). Rud-der didn’t particularly enjoy this kiss.


I know some of you are anxiously waiting to hear about our court date today, so here you go. We were able to meet Cutie’s dad for the first time. He seems to be making good progress and seems very sincere. He was awarded visitation rights today. Unfortunately, the boys’ mom was a no-show. As you can imagine, this is […]

It didn’t take long.

We are officially in love with our little Peanut. We love every bit of him. His sweet face, his tiny hands, and wrinkly little feet.I especially love his furry ears and shoulders. Who knew hair on your ears and shoulders could be so cute?

First Steps and Painting

Cutie took his first steps today! He took 2 steps on 3 different tries. Way to go, big guy! (By the way, it’s kind of hard to take a picture of a baby taking his first steps when you’re also trying to have him walk to you.) Another first for Cutie this week: painting. He was much more interested in […]


Today at 3:00 we’ll be picking up a new addition to our little family. Cutie’s little brother was born Tuesday morning, and will be coming to stay with us. Here are some answers to the questions I’m sure you are thinking: How far apart are Cutie and the new baby? 13 monthsHow big is new baby? 6 lbs 9 oz […]

It’s all worth it

I just had one of those moments that makes you realize what life is all about. It makes all the nose wiping, diaper changing, breaking up fights, late nights, shushing, cooking, cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning), weaning, rocking, feeding, teeth brushing, face washing and time-outs worth it. Not to mention the waiting, wondering, tears and prayers. Ellie was in the […]

Happy Birthday, Cutie!

Our Cutie turned 1 yesterday. We had a little celebration with cupcakes and presents. Once again, Cutie was not disappointed to have treats.Ellie colored the background for these balloon cupcakes. Things got a little too quiet this morning, so I went to find Cutie. He was in the living room, happily playing away with his new little cars. That boy […]

You’re good!

Wow! We ask for prayers and see results overnight! We got word today that we have been selected as Cutie’s foster-only family! This means that we get to take care of him long term while the mess with his family is sorted out, but this is different than fostering with the intent to adopt or “Legal Risk”. We are hoping […]

We need your prayers

Friends and Family, We have recently been faced with a very tough choice. It is possible that our little Cutie could become ours forever. We have fallen head-over-heels in love with this kid, so given the choice we’d gladly adopt him. Here comes the tough part: his situation is a mess. Obviously I can’t go into any details, but we […]